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The 999 Mystery and Chone Figgins



On May 2, 2012, Chone Figgins had the 190,809th “at bat” in Mariner history. To the casual observer, it’s meaningless, but since 190 + 809 = 999, it is a 999 sequential, representing the pinnacle of the fruit of God in the earth, for 27 x 37 = 999. Under the triple nine sequential equivalent rule here, any number multiplied by 999 or 190,809 and sequentially reduced will equal the same number. (For the sequential reduction, just add the common elements, such as all hundreds, thousands, and millions, etc.) Now I am going to divulge a math trick which you can easily use with your friends and family which will baffle them. Since 190,809 appeared on May 2, 2012, let’s use that same number. Now I’m going to give you the step to amaze the world of your sudden brilliance:

Step 1 Enter the number, 190,809 in your calculator.

Step 2 Ask a friend to multiply the number by any number of his or her choice on the calculator without telling you the number or the answer.

Step 3 Ask your friend how many digits appear. If the number is in the hundreds of millions, then nine digits, single billions would be ten digits.

Step 4 After you know how many digits are there, ask your friend for all the common elements except the thousands. So here’s an example: 190,809 x 1492 = 284,687,028. So if your friend tells you the common elements are 284 million and then 28, just add the two together (284 + 28 = 312)

Step 5 So now you know the two of the three common elements equal 312, so just subtract 312 from 999 and say, you are looking at 687 thousand.

Step 6 Watch your friend’s eyes roll.


Step 7 Now you explain that this was discovered in Genesis under what is called the triple nine rule. Any number which is sequentially equivalent to 999 will result in another 999 equivalent when multiplied by any number. Moreover, 190,809 is sequentially equivalent because 190 plus 809 equals 999. It’s that simple. If the two elements are greater than 999, then just subtract the total from 1998, which is just a higher threshold of 999. What does this mean? In Genesis, Abraham was 137 when Sarah died at age 127. Joseph live to 110, which is 27 less than 137. Sara lived 37 years after she begat Isaac. Jacob lived to age 147, which is 37 years more than the 110 years of Joseph.

Given the fact that the scriptures are inspired by God, there must have been a very intelligent reason for giving us all the ages of the family members from whom the entire plan of God was manifest in the earth. These declarations led a man once a upon a time to believe God had much more and was led to Genesis to the treasury of the Almighty God in Chapter Five before the Flood. We can talk for hours or you can read the book called The Emerald Home Run yourself and find out how all these numbers lead to the discovery of the Genesis Calculator and the prophetic prophesy in the earth in MLB.

Now let’s get back to Chone Figgins.

Chone was born on January 22, 1978, which appears as 122, pointing to the 122nd day of the year, which is May 2, 2012, and the tenth anniversary of four home runs in one game by Mike Cameron on the day Leonardo da Vinci died. Chone’s date of birth is sequentially equivalent to 1121, which is the birthday of Ken Griffey, Jr., the player chosen to hit the Emerald Home Run on April 15, 2009.

The total days of Chone are calculated as follows 34 x 365 + 100 = 12,510, or 522 sequentially, matching all the doubles of Junior through 2009, the year of the sign, also matching the career doubles of Ed Delehanty, whose four home runs in one game all occurred inside the park against Adonis Terry who was 11,655 days old on that day or 666 sequentially.

On May 2, 2012, in the 147th year since the passing of Abraham Lincoln, God Almighty chose Chone Figgins to shine thousands of miles away from home, just as Christ came to earth to shine the light of God the Father before the whole world.

Congratulations Chone. We love you in Seattle. By the way Chone, I noticed you had 613 strike outs in Anaheim, matching the career home run of Griffey when he hit The Emerald Home Run. God can take a negative result and use it for his glory, too. He only asks that we play the game with all our hearts ever game, every play, every at bat. He orchestrates the rest.

So let us play before him with all our hearts. features MLB jerseys & hats, tickets and and MLB Fatheads online.



By: Steven A. Janda Staff Writer