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The 147th Memorial Celebration of Abraham Lincoln



Abraham Lincoln died 147 years ago on April 15, 1865. He spent the majority of his life fighting for liberty and freedom of all Americans, regardless of race. Leonardo da Vinci was born 413 years prior to the death of Lincoln, matching the month and day of our first American president born in the baseball season, our third head of state, President Thomas Jefferson.

The dates of death of all U.S. Presidents equals 23,777, which is sequentially 800, and Adam and Jared both lived for 800 more years after they begat their sons named in Genesis Five. When God multiplies the ninth generation of Lamech, who lived to 777, the sequential result is 800. (365 x 365 x 365 = 48,627,125, then add 48 + 627 + 125 = 800)

To date in MLB history, five players have hit home runs on the birth and death of da Vinci with no homeruns in between the seventeen day period, which matches the age of Joseph in Genesis 37 when his father Jacob gave him a coat of many colors, and matches the seventeen years Jacob lived in Egypt from age 130 until his passing at age 147. Genesis 47:28

Eddie Matthews was the first player to hit the da Vinci parallel in 1964. The hall of famer made his MLB debut on the five hundredth birthday of da Vinci. Noah was five hundred when he begat Shem, Ham, and Japheth in Genesis Five. The career homeruns of Eddie Matthews matches the 512th birthday of da Vinci in 1964, matching May 12, on the calendar, which is twenty-seven days after The Emerald Home Run, and pointing to the twenty-seven books of the New Testament. The year 1964, also marked the 99th memorial of Abraham Lincoln and matches the age of Abraham in Genesis 17, whom the scripture says was ninety-nine when God promised him Sarah would have a son the following year. Abraham was a great man of faith, but he and his wife both laughed in their hearts at the time.

The second player was Ken Griffey, Jr. in 1992 in the 540th year of da Vinci and the 127th memorial of Abraham Lincoln, matching the 127 years of Sarah in Genesis, and 540 matches the sequential numbering of two tribes in Numbers (40,500); Ephraim in the first numbering and Gad in the second, some thirty-seven years later.

The third player was discovered after publication of The Emerald Home Run, as was Eddie Matthews. Bernie Williams hit the parallel in 1999, in the 134th memorial of Lincoln, possibly pointing to natural Israel which became a nation again on the 134th day of the year on May 14, 1948. The last home run of Bernie Williams was hit on September 20, which was his 287th of his career, possibly pointing to a very subtle triple seven since the latter date is the 263rd day of the year, which when added to 514 equals 777. Plus, the 287th day of the year is 182 days after The Emerald Home Run, pointing to the age of Lamech when he begat Noah. Something to chew on.

The fourth player was Mike Cameron, who hit the 137th memorial of Lincoln in 2002, matching the age of Abraham when Sara died, the years of Ishmael, his first son; the years of Levi, and the years of Amram, the father of Moses. Doubtless, this is an age that extends throughout the work of God and has great significance. What better way to increase the measure of glory to reflect the four times in scripture 137 appears than to have Mike Cameron hit four home runs in one game on May 2, 2002, making his parallel in the 137th year of Lincoln the granddaddy of all for all time. The second and seventh players to hit four home runs in one game show the 1,3,7 elements in the dates of the occurrences on July 13, 1896, by Ed Delahanty; and future hall of famer, Joe Adcock on July 31. The father desires us to see the meaning so much that Ed and Joe were both born on October 30, sixty years apart. Now for the fifth Leonardo da Vinci parallel.

In 2012, four players hit the birth and death of da Vinci, but only one did so with no home runs in between to incorporate the significance of seventeen. Remember, the seventeen days between the dates points to Joseph and Jacob. However, among the four players, all are magnificent. Chipper Jones hit both dates but also homered on April 24, but a great wonder appears in so doing, for Chipper homered on his own fortieth birthday, matching the four home run occurrence of Brave Bob Horner on July 6, 1986, on the 40th birthday of President George Walker Bush. Nice going Chipper.

The other two players among the four, hit their 75th home run on September 20, 2009, the same day Ken Griffey Jr., hit The 627 Enoch parallel, matching the Lamech generation in thousands when God multiplies in Genesis Five. The age of Abraham is referenced in Genesis twelve as being seventy-five when he entered the land of Canaan. Congratulations to Luke Scott and Edwin Encarnarcion. Andre Ethier also hit his seventy-fifth home run on the same day as Luke and Edwin. Abraham’s father Terah passed away 427 years after the Flood. Ironically, Luke, Edwin, and Andre, all homered again on April 27, 2012, in the 147th memorial of Abraham Lincoln.

The fifth player known to hit the Lincoln da Vinci parallel of all time occurred this year. His date of birth matches the four home run occurrence date of another wonderful name in MLB history by the name of Lou Gehrig, who went yard as they say four times on June 3, 1932, matching the 603 thousand warriors of the tribes of Israel in the first numbering in Numbers 1:46. Congratulations to Travis Hafner! In the King James, if I may declare, “Thou wert chosen to show forth the glory of God in magnifying the 147 years of Jacob to glorify the works of God from the foundation of the world.” What doth this mean? It means a full bibliography by God that can be referenced in His works. So let’s do some more homework.

Twenty-seven players hit home runs on May 2, 2012. My dear friends you are going to celebrate when you hear what God has done. The total days under the Genesis Calculator of all twenty-seven players equals 287,752, which when divided by 37 equals 7,777.081.

Christ said he would confirm his word with signs following. On May 2, 2012, God confirmed his Word before the whole world in Major League Baseball. Dates of birth are documented and can be officially verified. So just for kicks and giggles, the month and days of all the dates of births of the twenty-seven players equals 17,010, which when divided by 27 equals 630, matching all the career home runs of Ken Griffey, Jr., who Returned to Seattle to hit The Emerald Home Run that the name of the Lord might be glorified throughout the whole earth.

Now let’s play ball!!

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By: Steven A. Janda Staff Writer