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The Baseball Fan’s Bucket List



Welcome to baseball season! Many learn about the game at a young age and it remains a part of their lives. I discovered a book during the winter that allows baseball to become a lifestyle, for women as well as men, even in the off-season. It’s called The Baseball Fan’s Bucket List: 162 Things You Must See, Do, Get and Experience BeforeYou Die by Robert and Jenna Santelli. It is full of ideas to keep fans connected to baseball year-round.

One of the biggest tasks is to visit all 30 Major League ballparks, especially the classic Fenway Park and the ultimate baseball cathedral, Wrigley Field. There are also important minor league or Little League games to see. Some of these can be accomplished by #1: Take A Baseball Road Trip. There are sections devoted to each of the ballparks.

The book recommends some of the best movies and documentaries about baseball. There are classics like The Natural, Bull Durham, Major League, A League ofTheir Own, Ken Burns’s Baseball, and The Rookie. There are books to read about baseball, such as Michael Lewis’s Moneyball, Veeck—As In Wreck, Shoeless Joe, and AFalse Spring. The book recommends “Create A Baseball Reference Library.”


There are many that are easy to do: “Learn to Keep Score”, “Maintain a Baseball Card Collection”, “Attend Opening Day”, “Take a Kid to His/Her First Game” and “Start A Bobblehead Collection”. Others, such as attending an All-Star game or a World Series game may be a little more difficult. A visit to Cooperstown is a must, even attending Induction Weekend.

There is a checklist at the back of the book where you can keep track of the things accomplished on the Bucket List. It’s a thrill to be able to check something off. It can take a lifetime (or at least many years) to do everything, but the ideas are inspiring. There are things on the list I would never have thought of or known about, so it’s a great reference tool as well. I hope it helps you to experience the joys of baseball. This book has a permanent place on my bookshelf. features MLB jerseys & hats, tickets and and MLB Fatheads online.


By: Heather Santiago Staff Writer