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The Double 777 Day


April 26, is the only day on the Gregorian calendar which yields a triple seven sequential on the triple column Genesis Calculator and a triple seven decimal digit when divisible by twenty-seven. Since this is the year of magnification of civil rights, in that, 2012 points to the second month and the twelfth day when Abraham Lincoln was born and the 147 th year since his death, matching all the years of Jacob in Genesis 47:28, I was expecting fireworks from God. The numbers orchestrated by God are nothing less than wonder of his glorious perfection.

First, let’s look at the triple column calculation for April 26, or 426. There are three columns of numbers in Genesis Five; the year the father begat his son, his years thereafter, and his total years. For 4 we go to the fourth generation in the left column and find that Cainan begat his son Mahaleel at age 70. Next, in the second column we go to the second generation and find 807, all the years of Seth after he begat Enos. Finally, the sixth generation of Jared in the total years column is 962. Now we multiply and sequentially reduce as follows: 70 x 807 x 962 = 54,343,380. Now to sequentially reduce just add as follows 54 + 343 + 380 = 777. The triple seven decimal is much easier. Simply divide 426 by 27 = 15.777. April 26 is the only day which yields a triple seven under both calculations. So where did triple seven appear on April 26, 2012.

Go to the all time wins of the Yankees and you’ll see 9,777 for an express match to triple seven.


The Seattle Mariners gave up their 26,550 th run on a home run hit by Miquel Cabrera. Under the rule of sequential equivalents 26,550 is equal to 576, which yields a triple seven under the triple column Genesis Calculator. 65 x 300 x 962 = 18,759,000 and 18 + 759 = 777. There are only 27 triple column triple sevens in the number system and two of them match the dates on the Gregorian Calendar. The differential between the two dates also point to The Emerald Home Run. The other date is August 26. (826 – 426 = 400; The E.H. was the 400 th home run of Griffey as a Mariner.) Now let’s look at 26,550 again or 576. Moses is the 26 th generation from Adam. Moses points to Christ, representing the 27 th generation of all who believe in Christ and the 27 books of the New Covenant. Five hundred fifty is a match to the warriors of the children of Israel in Numbers 1:27, God showing the age of Sarah at her death even in the chapter and verse. It also represents the 550 th year of Leonardo da Vinci when Mike Cameron hit home runs on the birth and death of da Vinci with no home runs in between as Junior did ten years prior in 1992. But there’s much more glory here folks.

The tribe of Judah reported 76,500 warriors in the second numbering in Numbers 26:22, which is sequentially 624 and 426 in reverse. (whose seed is within itself). 76,500 is sequentially 576, thereby showing the perfection of God hidden in the tribe from which Christ would be born. It’s no coincidence that on the Emerald Calendar on January 1, 765 home runs appear because Christ is the first-born in scripture, and 765 points to the 400 differential of Enoch who lived 365 years, upon which the entire number prophetic number system in Genesis and the Law is based. Now fasten your seatbelts.

The homerun of Miguel Cabrera marked his 999 th career RBI, pointing to the 999 mystery and a perfect match to the third generation in Genesis Five. The triple nine mystery appeared in wonder last night before me while I was playing guitar and singing in Kent, Washington at The Shindig. Two of my lifetime friends, Larry and Jeff, appeared before me with their wives. The month and day of their dates of birth are May 14 and December 15 or 514 and 1215, which combined are 1729, for a sequential equivalent of 730, from which the ages of Abraham and Isaac appear when subtracted from the ages of Enos and Cainan in Genesis Five. (905 and 910). This is an elementary calculation which God used to illustrate to a child the inspiration of his Word before the Flood and matching the numbering of the children of Israel in Numbers 26:51 of 601,730.

Sometimes the greatest wonders are right before our eyes. Jeff also brought his daughter whose name is Bethany, matching the town where one of the most wonderful miracles were performed by Christ: the resurrection of Lazarus. Bethany was my miracle. How so? She requested Haggard and Jones. What might that mean? Jesus went into the “country”!

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By: Steven A. Janda Staff Writer