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The Fourth Anniversary of The Emerald Home Run


Thirteen home runs by thirteen players on the fourth anniversary of the EHR in 2013.


April 15, 2013, marked four years or 1460 days since Ken Griffey, Jr., hit his 613th career home run and his 400th home run as a Mariner. In our age, 1460 is a major marker in the plan of God.

There are 1,460,000 days between the year Abraham was born in 1948, from creation and four thousand years later when Israel was born once again in 1948. The players used by God together with their dates of birth, and number of days, in and out of the baseball season, point to the glory of God in the United States of America by the greatest presidents in our history.


The total dates of births (when adding by month and day) equal 10,212, which is sequentially 222, expressing the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln on February 12, and George Washington on February 22. When 10,212 is divided by 37, the answer is 276. This is a wonder in and of itself. We must understand our God is a change-up pitcher. He causes the elder to serve the younger as Ephraim and Manasseh and Jacob and Esau. The 276th day of the year is October 3, the day Griffey hit his final career home run in 2009, and 276 days after The Emerald Home Run on April 15, is January 16, or the 16th day of the year.


Abraham Lincoln is our 16th president. Junior hit home run number 16 on September 20, 1989, two hundred years after George Washington became the first president of the U.S.A. Here’s the change-up pitch; 276 changed up is also 627, which Junior hit on September 20, 2009. God is pointing us to civil rights in the Isaiah sense of the Word. Every mountain shall be made low, and every valley exalted, or changed up in the earth.


To magnify the 1460 wonder, God chose a player whose Fan Elorater Batting rank was 1460th as of April 15, 2013. He was born on September 12, 1980, matching the years of Seth, 912, in Genesis Chapter 5 (Gen. 5). This player had 147 doubles as of April 15, 2013, matching all the years of Jacob, and was 11,895 days old, showing the age of Mahalaleel in Gen. 5, and ironically, the year of the birth of the greatest player in MLB history- Babe Ruth born in 1895.

Congratulations Maicer Izturis.


The dates of births out of season add up to 5,100, which is sequentially 105, matching the very day, April 15, and the age of Seth when he begat Enos. The dates of birth in season add up to 5,112, which is sequentially 117, or April 27, if you will. On the E.H.R.C. (The Emerald Home Run Calendar), there are 916 hrs on April 15, and 904 on April 27, and when added to the month and days respectively, each add up to 1331, for a sequential match to 601,730, the warriors of the children of Israel in Numbers 26:51, pointing to June 1, and July 30, and the double Enoch factor in 730 (365 x 2), which when subtracted from the total ages of the fathers in Gen 5, results in the ages of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob after the Flood.

The dates of the births of the players born in and out of season are as follows: In Season April through September, out of season October through March. Add month and days only.


Players born in Season Date of Birth

Jarrod Saltalamacchia 5-02-85

Brendan Harris 8-26-80

Joe Mauer 4-19-83

Trevor Plouffe 6-15-86

Maicer Izturis 9-12-80

Ryan Zimmerman 9-28-84

Neil Walker 9-10-85

Total 5,112, which is 117 sequentially.*


*add the common elements for the sequential equivalent.


Players born out of Season Date of Birth

Evan Longoria 10-07-85

Peter Bourjos 3-31-87

Nate Frieman 12-31-86 (Nate’s First Career HR, Wow!)

J.P. Arencibla 1-05-86

Chase Utley 12-17-78

Eric Stults 12-09-79

Total 5,100, which is 105 sequentially.


All home runs in the history of MLB on the EHRC from January 1 to April 15, equal 71,577 or 2651 times 27. That is God presenting a burning bush right before your eyes. God so loves that He gives us the scripture reference in the wonder: Number 26:51, so we’ll never forget it. The EHRC is published inside The Emerald Home Run. Moreover, the entire Genesis Calculator is included in the book on Amazon.


Finally, the total days of the players born outside the MLB season equal 63,801, which when divided by 27, equals 2,363, or sequentially 365, pointing all of us to Enoch, who was not, for God took him. Jesus said two shall be in the field and one will be taken and the other will be left. Let’s all be ready today as he taught us to pray.


The Emerald Home Run


Get your copy now.


Let’s play ball


By: Steven Janda Staff Writer