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The Colorado Rockies Send Two to All Star Game


Colorado Rockies end another bad streak with some good news. SS Troy Tulowitzki and OF Charlie Blackmon will represent the Rockies in the All Star Game. Tulowitzki was voted by the fans and will start in the game. Blackmon will go in as a reserve voted on by the players.


Tulowitzki was the top NL vote getter and he will captain the Home Run Derby team. Tulowitizki plans to use the charity Turning Two ran by Derek Jeter for the benefits of the derby. He will announce his home run derby team on Tuesday.


First baseman Justin Morneau still has chance to get in with the final vote. Fans, teammate and other players are rallying to get him votes. Morneau is hitting above .300 at home and on the road .He also 59 RBI’s and 13 home runs.Morneau’s defense also cant be overlooked and all that makes him deserving of a spot.


The Rockies activated third baseman Nolan Arenado after missing 6 weeks with a finger injury. Arenado’s bat and gold glove defense were missed during that time. Now that provides the Rockies with better defense in the hot corner and a bat to help back up Tulowitzki and Morneau.


Carlos Gonzalez looks to make a return to Rockies line up on Friday at Coors field against The Twins. Gonzalez has been out since early June with a finger injury. He will make a rehab appearance on Monday with the Sky sox.


The Rotation looks to get help as Brett Anderson looks to return to the struggling rotation on Sunday against the Twins. Anderson has been on the DL since May with a broken finger. This should help Colorado in competing to make a run after the break.


Here is hoping the rockies can turn it around and make a magical run at the playoffs. They have the pieces its time to bring all together.


Elizabeth Lovato

Colorado Rockies Correspondent