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The Rockies Need A Bold Offseason


The Colorado Rockies seem to be on their way to the worst record in franchise history. The multiple injuries to key players such Troy Tulowitzki , Michael Cuddyer and Carlos Gonzalez have taken their toll. There is also the issue of front office personnel. Colorado needs to make some moves in the front office especially the GM position because they are not put out the best team possible.


The Rockies missed out at the deadline because they did not want to make big moves. The core players need to stay in place. The pitching staff needs some changes because the bullpen is not getting it done. The Rockies need sign or trade for a proven veteran starting pitcher.


The front office needs to quit bringing back players who did not get the job done in the first place. The problem of catcher needs to be addresses. The Rockies have some young pitchers that need the help of a veteran catcher.


Colorado needs to get better if they want to contend for the 2015 season. Some bold needs to be made if they want to be a good team. The dysfunction has to come too an end because the franchise deserves better as do the fans.


The team could not to compete with the bigger contending teams such the Tigers who swept them this past weekend. The coaching staff needs some changes to help the team move along to their potential. Here’s to hoping next year bring more excitement and a winning team.



Elizabeth Lovato

Colorado Rockies Correspondent