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A look back on Ralph Kiner’s career


On the 6th of January baseball lost one of its historically iconic players. Ralph Kiner died of natural causes at his residence in Rancho Mirage California. Kiner played 7 whole seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates, split 1953 with the Pirates and the Cubs, 1954 with the cubs, and 1955 with the Indians. His career was cut short by injuries, retiring at the age of 32 but that did not stop him from making an impact in the game. Kiner broke into the scene in 1946 leading the league in homeruns with 23. From there his career would explode, hitting 215 in his first five seasons, a record yet to be broken. From there he’d go on to hit 369 career home runs with 1015 RBI’s, and a career .279 average. The six time all star pursued a broadcasting career in 1961 with the Chicago White Sox for one year before joining the New York Mets for their inaugural season of 1962. He was with the Mets until his death, calling 53 seasons of baseball. Kiner was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1975. He received only 75.41% on his last year on the ballot. He was elected into the New York mets Hall of Fame in 1984, and had his number retired with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1987. An icon he was and an icon he will be.


#4 1922-2014 Rest In Peace

Brennan Hyler Staff Writer